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somerset care
Case Study:

Somerset Care - Managed WAN

Keeping residents connected with a fast and reliable Wide Area Network

Somerset Care is one of the leading major care providers in the UK. Alongside their care homes, they also provide home care, a physical disabilities respite centre and a specialist daycare service supporting people to live well with dementia.


Managed WAN

The Brief

Somerset Care needed a fast and reliable network, not only to support their business needs and allow staff greater flexibility, but to ensure residents stay connected to their loved ones.

The Benefits

  • Significant speed improvements with all sites achieving a minimum 20Mbps
  • Support for video calling, now a USP for Somerset Care’s homes
  • Increased productivity through a reduction in network downtime
  • Firewall functionality that allows website blocking at a user level

The Solution

Nasstar was selected to deliver a solution that would fit all of Somerset Care’s needs. The team implemented a managed Wide Area Network (WAN) to improve their connection and provide a whole host of additional benefits.

The new network has greatly reduced service disruption and enabled Somerset Care to complete their Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) rollout, reducing costs and allowing calls to be seamlessly transferred between sites. Staff can now log on to their work phone at home enabling more flexible working, while residents can reliably connect with their families and the world.

Nasstars network and customer service have been a breath of fresh air. Network outages that used to interfere with our day-to-day operations are no longer an issue. Now, our staff can concentrate on doing the job they love

Tim Baker
IT Manager, Somerset Care