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Ticketing Network East Midlands
Case Study:

Just the ticket to support business growth

Nasstar migrates Ticketing Network East Midlands to the cloud

Ticketing Network East Midlands (TNEM) was founded by four leading arts organisations in Nottingham: Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham Playhouse, Lakeside Arts Centre and Dance4. Launched to co-manage their ticketing and CRM system, it was designed to significantly increase the personal giving, sales and marketing capacity of the non-profit cultural sector in the city, with the potential to expand across the region as memberships increased.


Cloud Migration

Cloud Services

The Brief

TNEM allows customers to make ticket bookings 24/7 via phone, web or at the Box Office, with all transactions routing through to the same application. In order to do so, it required a secure and resilient connection.

Although TNEM was not suffering from any critical issues, it found that it had little-to-no flexibility or scalability with the existing provider’s solution, making a more adaptable solution necessary.

With hundreds of calls coming through every day, anything other than a smooth migration could impact the business, especially with Christmas approaching. Unwilling to affect its levels of customer support and prevent downtime or loss of profits, TNEM turned to Nasstar for a solution that would overcome these challenges smoothly and effectively.

The Benefits

All of Ticketing Network East Midlands’ systems are fully migrated to the Nasstar Cloud, providing a secure, flexible, and reliable IT environment. With performance levels increased - even at the first stage – customer service and support have improved, an important outcome for the busy Christmas period.

As both projects were completed within tight deadlines and under budget, the solution has not only solved the company’s challenges without unwanted downtime but provided the flexibility to grow with the business.

Annie Scally, Consortium Manager at Ticketing Network East Midlands, says: “As a Customer Service specialist, I have massively high expectations in this area and Nasstar has excelled and exceeded them on every occasion.”

Nasstar’s expert team is always on hand to offer guidance and support to its clients. Scally continues: “The team never failed to deliver, even when we had to contact them at weekends in-between project and support stages. Every member of staff we have met on this project was friendly, informative, and knowledgeable. Assuming this is the Nasstar standard, the company will continue to flourish.”


The Solution

The best solution for TNEM was to migrate its systems to the Nasstar Cloud, applied in two phases. The project needed to be very carefully executed and managed, with only one opportunity in a three-day period where migration could take place without impacting business continuity.

Firstly, TNEM’s entire environment was moved from its prior service provider into the Nasstar Cloud, guaranteeing a far more flexible and scalable solution that could grow with the company to meet its increasing demands. Basic testing of this environment revealed that, even though it was still using legacy servers within the Nasstar Cloud, performance levels had already increased.

In the New Year, the second phase upgraded TNEM to a bespoke, purpose-built environment. With a similar strict deadline to the first phase, the Nasstar team worked to accelerate the process through stringent project planning.