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Peter Vasey

Director of Modern Work, Nasstar


Peter Vasey, best referred to as Pete, has been in the company since 2015. His experience has ranged from small, complex and highly regulated, to some of the largest enterprises. He has been closely involved with Microsoft and has been both a P-TSP and P-CSM.  

Pete is also Prosci certified and has a real passion for AI and Automation, specifically how technologies can help people work more efficiently. His favourite statistic is that, on average, 26% of an employee’s day is wasted on old processes, repetitive tasks or pointless meetings.

When new technologies are released, Pete’s background allows him to look at the impact on both users and businesses to establish a well-rounded view. He can often be found sharing his thoughts on these instances, and the modern world on LinkedIn.

During the pandemic, Pete returned to his teenage hobby of racing 1/10th scale buggies which he continues to do now. He can also be found, on a Saturday, volunteering at the local Parkrun. 

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