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Security-driven networking for the modern business

The way we consume services has changed. As cloud-based applications and tools like voice and video become increasingly critical, new business needs and market trends have resulted in increased bandwidth requirements and more reliance on network availability and quality than ever before.

Nasstar’s SD-WAN solutions ensure seamless digital transformation, remote work, and cloud adoption.

We recently achieved the coveted Fortinet SD-WAN specialisation, strengthening our 15-year partnership with the cybersecurity leader. 

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Fortinet SD-WAN Specialisation

A high-performance experience, every time

Delivering a secure, scalable, and high-performance solution, wherever you are, Nasstar’s SD-WAN helps organisations to confidently support more remote sites, more latency-sensitive, business-critical applications, more cloud services, and whatever else your business may require - securely, every time.

Our security-driven networking approach provides access to core applications with advanced reporting that identifies what data is entering and leaving at the application level, delivering an optimal mix of best-of-breed security and SD-WAN functionality.

With Nasstar, the network and your business are ready for whatever’s next. 

Drive your business growth

  • Enhanced visibility and control result in quicker fault resolution and proactive network maintenance
  • Upgrade any form of connectivity to business-grade from 5G to broadband with advanced security and application optimisation
  • Self-service, cloud-based dashboard for advanced reporting and management
  • Agility to adapt in a changing world, helping the modern business to stay ahead when it matters most
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  • Reduce downtime and achieve a seamless network experience with enhanced visibility and control, resulting in quicker fault resolution and proactive network maintenance.  
  • Elevate your connectivity with flexible and scalable business-grade IT. Our advanced security and application optimisation can upgrade any form of connectivity. 
  • Make informed decisions with simplified management. Access our self-service cloud-based dashboard for advanced reporting and management. 



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