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Fortinet Partner

Securing people, devices, and data everywhere

For the past 15 years, Nasstar has been a Fortinet Partner, helping businesses respond to an evolving threat landscape, delivering comprehensive protection across a variety of industries.

Thanks to a shared vision of delivering scalable connectivity and cybersecurity solutions to customers, Nasstar has achieved Fortinet's coveted SD-WAN Specialism. In recognition of our continued success together, Fortinet has also awarded Nasstar the Expert MSSP Partner status. This is reflected by our team of specialists, who hold over 200 Fortinet certifications. By combining cloud, networking, and security best practice, Nasstar and Fortinet are creating a safe and reliable future.

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Protecting our customers with Fortinet

At Nasstar, our Fortinet solutions enable secure digital transformation, remote work, and cloud adoption.


Strategic approach

As a Fortinet partner, we prioritise outcomes by aligning solutions with your business goals. This helps us identify areas of importance and close gaps in your security posture.


Confidently embrace the cloud

Our scalable solutions support remote sites and fluctuations in traffic. Create a secure foundation for a cloud-first future.


Unified networking and security

Our customers enjoy optimal performance, simplified connectivity, and advanced monitoring capabilities.


Seamless integration

We can overlay our secure service onto existing MPLS or DIA WAN services, ensuring ROI from legacy systems.

Simplifying large-scale deployments 

// Fortinet's Security Fabric

Fortinet's Security Fabric integrates endpoints, networks, and the cloud, providing automated and unified cybersecurity. All users, devices, and applications are fortified across network edges.

// Beyond SD-WAN

We've developed an SD-Branch offering to extend these capabilities into local area networks. Now our customers benefit from centralised network access control, wireless LAN visibility, and intuitive reporting capabilities.

Darren Hogan Author Bio

Darren Hogan

Director of Portfolio at Nasstar

“These accolades are major milestones for Nasstar and mean our customers can be confident that our offerings are supported commercially and technically by Fortinet. We are committed to continually building on the relationship with our ‘Gartner Magic Quadrant’ leading partner and developing innovative cybersecurity solutions for our customers long into the future.”

Frequently Asked Questions

A Fortinet Expert Partner represents the pinnacle of expertise within Fortinet's partner ecosystem. These partners have demonstrated broad experience with Fortinet technologies, holding advanced certifications and specialisations in key areas such as SD-WAN, security, and cloud services.

Expert Partners have achieved the highest accreditations within Fortinet's partner program, reflecting their advanced knowledge and capability in deploying and managing Fortinet solutions. As with Nasstar, expert partners are adept at handling complex, large-scale projects.

Partners like Nasstar can develop customised security frameworks that ensure robust protection against cyber threats while maintaining high performance and scalability.

Absolutely. As a Fortinet managed security service provider, we can leverage Fortinet's advanced solutions and help you enhance network performance, security, and user experience. Our expertise in cloud services and managed IT solutions enables businesses to transition smoothly to modern, secure, and efficient digital environments.

Nasstar holds over 250 in-house Fortinet certifications, highlighting our dedication to cybersecurity excellence. These certifications mean we can deliver top-tier services and solutions utilising Fortinet's technology.

Customers gain significant advantages from Fortinet SD-WAN Specialisation, including enhanced network performance, reduced latency, and improved application accessibility. This specialisation ensures the partner can deliver secure, scalable, and efficient SD-WAN solutions that optimise bandwidth usage while integrating robust security features into the network infrastructure.

Engaging with a Fortinet Partner like Nasstar will allow you to utilise scalable, reliable IT solutions that support growth and innovation. Thanks to years of experience, we’ll show you how to implement future-proof technologies, optimise operations, and maintain a competitive advantage in your industry.

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