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Cyber Security Professional Services

Clear strategic thinking for tangible security improvements

Better security won’t be a catalyst for your organisation’s growth, but poor security could be the barrier that holds you back.

As a trusted advisor, Nasstar’s award-winning security team provides insight and expert advice born out of decades of experience helping organisations strengthen their defences and maintain compliance. From quantifying and understanding your risks to extending your team’s resources, detecting and responding to threats, monitoring compliance and developing a strategic security program, our security specialists will assist you at every step.

Our Approach

Our Security Strategy Service allows you to better understand and quantify your risks, access additional resources and improve your ability to detect and respond to new threats.

Most importantly, we can unify your organisation around an agreed set of security priorities and determine the right approach for delivering them. With Nasstar, you can feel confident that every priority is taken care of.



Every company has a duty of care to their stakeholders, customers and trading partners to maintain the confidentiality and security of their sensitive data. Fall short and the consequences can be both severe and wide-ranging.

From GDPR and Cyber Essentials to IASME Governance, ISO:27001 and CIS Critical Security Controls, we ensure that your business is doing the cyber security basics properly and guide you on the path towards formal accreditation for your efforts.

Through our Audit and Compliance Services, we can fundamentally improve your cyber defences and reassure every stakeholder that their data is in safe hands.


SC Awards Europe 2020 Winner

SC Awards Europe 2020 ‘Best Managed Security Service’ Winner


SC Awards Europe 2020 ‘Best Incident Response Solution’ Finalist


SC Awards Europe 2020 ‘Best SME Security Solution’ Finalist

Our hardware had served us well for many years but when the time came to upgrade, Nasstar were able to offer us not only the required solutions but also additional Cloud-based benefits that allowed us to move to our desired Operational Expenditure model. The security services which are now a core feature of our IT platform give us confidence that our systems are well-protected, and the Fully-Managed Support Service keeps us safe in the knowledge that should there be any issues, Nasstar can identify and resolve them quickly.  We now have a future proof, secure and scalable solution.

Debbie Beaven
Group Finance Director, TEPE Group

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