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Security Hardening

Time to toughen up the systems you rely on daily

Cyber criminals don’t rest. They are continuously trawling, looking for innovative ways to hack into organisations. ‘Hardening’ your IT environment makes good business sense, but prevention isn't enough. 

Cyber resilience to the rescue 

Cyber resilience is the ability to prepare for, respond to and recover for a cyber-attack. At Nasstar, our solutions go beyond reducing the risk of an attack, we ensure you not only survive an attack, you recover and are back to business as soon as possible.   

As a Microsoft Partner and a security specialist with years of experience working with organisations to harden their security, you can feel confident that with Nasstar, your IT environment will be more secure for everyone who relies upon it.

Furthermore, our Mimecast Security Hardening service provides best-practice Mimecast customisation to enhance the protection of your email systems and further reduce the risk of phishing attacks.

Our Microsoft Office 365 Security Hardening service takes the world’s favourite cloud-based office suite and customises it to provide layers of extra security - from mailbox auditing to extra phishing and email spoofing protection. We start by running a complete assessment of your Office 365 estate to create a tailored plan that gives you the security enhancements you need. And we can also conduct regular scans for evidence of Office-related risks, breaches, or suspicious behaviour.

Nasstar not only designs strong and cost-effective technical solutions but also manage implementations from start to finish, ensuring minimal impact to the business despite the overall complexities.

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