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AWS Partner

Collaborating with AWS to drive success in the cloud

For over 10 years, we’ve shared AWS’ passion for customer service and developed a wealth of experience to become a key player within the Amazon Web Services Partner community. Nasstar joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) when it was first established back in 2012, reflecting our dedication to drive innovation and deliver greater customer value. 

The Nasstar Group, through both Colibri Digital, and Nasstar, has invested heavily into our collaboration with AWS, supporting our customers to leverage the full power of AWS managed cloud services. Our years of experience combined with AWS’ diverse portfolio of technology tools mean we’ve become specialists in delivering complex, enterprise-grade cloud projects, ready to support any business’ cloud journey.

Choose Nasstar as your trusted AWS advisor.

AWS Consulting Partner

Adam Dunn

AWS Alliance Business Development Manager

“When we became an AWS Partner back in 2011 it became clear to us that cloud computing was the future and we needed to master the world of AWS managed cloud services to remain competitive. Since joining the AWS Partner network, we have been able to consistently offer our customers the most compelling and competitive solutions to digitally transform their business. As such, we have become their innovation partner, thought leader, and AWS trusted advisor.

“Our partnership with AWS has enabled us to transform into a cloud-first business, with many of our team members growing and developing their skills to become AWS subject matter experts. The continuous release of new services and features and enhancements from AWS is also exciting for us, and we’re eager to see how our relationship will develop and help us to deliver long-term business value and social impact.”

Our expertise

As a long-term AWS Premier Consulting Partner, and one of the first UK AWS Partners to obtain the MSP competency, we are recognised among the most experienced partners in the AWS Partner ecosystem. This accreditation is awarded to partners that showcase deep technical expertise through an extensive independent audit. We are proud to demonstrate our expertise across our AWS managed cloud services practice and our multiple partner program validations. 

We have over 50 technical AWS certified individuals in our practice, including an AWS Ambassador, which means our customers can place full trust in the expertise we offer. Under our Premier Consulting remit, we have supported clients such as Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), Rail Delivery Group (RDG) and several banking industry customers to confidently and quickly move workloads to the cloud.


Delivering cloud innovations with AWS technology 

At the Nasstar Group, we solve more than technology problems. We create competitive advantage and empower organisations to work faster and smarter, while always staying one step ahead.  


Machine Learning and AI

Unlocking business insights and increasing efficiencies


Application Development

Improving your ROI with cloud-native services


Next-Generation Managed Services

Providing a uniquely flexible approach to cloud managed services


Data Science and Analytics

Optimising data to enable analysis at scale


Cloud Engineering

Accelerating innovation for increased performance and scalability



Automating your cloud infrastructure to increase your efficiency


Why choose Colibri Digital (part of the Nasstar Group)? 

At Colibri Digital and across the Nasstar Group we are always looking at strengthening our partnership with AWS by investing in our business, people and the solutions we deliver to our customers. 

Our commercial teams are aligned to AWS sector aligned teams means we can collaborate and share our industry insights and what we hear from our customers. Additionally, we have invested in Colibri Digital commercial teams with a laser like focus data, analytics, data science and of course generative ai. This has resulted in solutions which accelerate our ability to deliver customer value as early and at a lower cost as possible. 

Our technical teams continue to develop and enhance their skills alongside AWS as they rapidly release new products and services. Our teams are actively engaged with our customers ensuring that we continue to enhance their workloads and solutions to drive productivity, and efficiency gains to drive their business forward. 

Continuing to deliver business outcomes for our customers is of the highest importance, and we are committed to bringing new horizontal and vertical solutions to the market with the addition of new competencies validated by AWS.

Colibri Logo

About Colibri Digital 

Colibri Digital has been part of the Nasstar Group since 2023, offering a deep expertise in big data, data science, and AI-driven analytics. The improved data engineering capabilities brought in by Colibri Digital enable Nasstar to support and advise clients on cloud managed services, data modernisation, architecture, platforms, and applications.  

With extensive experience in AWS and cloud managed services, the Colibri Digital team adds to the already extensive experience we have in the Nasstar AWS practice. 

Colibri Digital has a strong track record when it comes to AWS. As a strategic Amazon Web Services Partner, Colibri Digital’s team of certified specialists have a deep technical expertise, making them highly qualified to craft unique solutions for businesses. From design and build to deployments and ongoing optimisation, the team can help.  

No matter which stage you’re at in your digital transformation journey, Colibri Digital’s forward-thinking solutions and competitive advantage can drive technological advancements in your organisation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

An Amazon Web Services Partner is an organisation that works closely with AWS, as part of the AWS Partner Network to drive cloud innovation and deliver customer value. As an AWS Partner, we act as the single point of contact for customers during their entire AWS project lifecycle.  

AWS Partners work with AWS technologies, programs, expertise, and tools to create solutions and services for customers. As an AWS Partner, we help our customers to build innovative solutions, solve technical challenges, and deliver an improved ROI. 

With many AWS Partners available, it can be hard to whittle down the Partners that would best suit the needs of your organisation. Here are some key considerations you should think about when choosing an AWS Partner: 

  • Browse the list of Partners on the AWS network 
  • Look for partners with experience and core competencies in provisioning cloud services 
  • Research the companies with expertise in the areas related to your cloud objectives. On the partner list, you can search past projects to establish their suitability to your project. 
  • Prioritise companies whose team members have AWS certifications as they are likely to be more experienced 
  • Check the location and time zones of partners you like to ensure they fit with your needs 

AWS Partners can help you optimise costs on AWS. With exclusive access to tools and programs, as well as expertise and experience, many businesses find that working with an AWS Partner can help them save money. For example, at Nasstar we can provide our customers with access to a Well Architected Framework Review to help them identify problem areas and learn how to rectify them.  

As an AWS Partner, we help our customers enhance their scalability in multiple different ways using the tools available to us. The key is having the expertise to build solutions that are adaptable to changing requirements. This could be anything from market competition and macro forces such as a Covid outbreak to new features and ever-evolving services available from AWS. 

Migrating to AWS can be handled in several different ways and the timeline of a project will vary greatly between different organisations and their objectives. At Nasstar, our approach is always to undertake a cloud readiness assessment and some form of discovery exercise to underpin the business for migration to cloud. From there we work together with our customer to formulate a plan that will achieve the desired outcomes and business goals associated with the migration. 

Generative AI on AWS refers to the tools and services available on AWS that help businesses improve processes through machine learning and AI applications. AWS provides a whole host of these tools and services that enable us to deliver transformational Generative AI solution for our customers. With generative AI on AWS we can help our customers increase productivity, create better customer experiences, develop new products and services, and enhance personalisation. 

Organisations of all shapes and sizes choose to build generative AI and ML applications on AWS due to the benefits it provides. GenAI on AWS is the easiest way to build and scale generative AI applications with security and privacy built in which is essential for any business. It is also the most performant, low-cost infrastructure for generative AI and it’s easy to use your organisation’s data as a strategic asset to customise and build more differentiated experiences. 

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