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Making our vision a reality

We are dedicated to creating transformational change for our customers. This change not only enables smarter, more efficient business performance, but makes steps towards our vision of inclusive and greener IT.

Alongside our partners and industry peers, we’re working to ensure we're taking a collaborative and flexible approach to building a long-term strategy that addresses current societal challenges. We believe in responsible business and are dedicated to incorporating sustainable practices into the design of our services, solutions and operations.

Sustainability, inclusivity and diversity are key focus areas within our business framework, with our vision and dedication for a better future already underway.


Committed to delivering the Microsoft Partner Pledge

As a Microsoft Partner, we have signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge, focusing on five critical goals:

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Digital Skills

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Responsible and Ethical AI

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Who is Nasstar

Following COVID-19, we promise to build back better by:

  • Accelerating clean growth 
  • Investing in environmentally friendly technology
  • Continuing to help those who want to build a career in technology via training, upskilling, resources and apprenticeships
  • Driving inclusion and diversity within our business via our people and practices
  • Creating software that will aid in a better future 

Creating innovative technology with positive impact

  • OneConsultation from March 2020 – 2021 has delivered 323,582 virtual consultations, significantly reducing travel emissions and admin that comes alongside this
  • Teamwork Analytics encourages the adoption of Microsoft Teams, making remote-first working the norm
  • Cloud-based software – serverless software ensures less heat and noise pollution

Re-use, recycle

  • We ensure all equipment is fixed, re-used or ethically recycled, ensuring longer-lasting technology amongst our people

Greener offices

  • Paperless working, LED lighting, energy-efficient computer savings, no single-use plastic

25% of our executive team are female

  • This is ahead of the national average. It’s reported that in the UK 77% of tech director roles are filled by men and only 19% of the tech workforce are women 

Reducing our environmental impact

  • ISO14001 certified
  • Compliant with Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting (SECR) and the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS)
  • Committed to managing our environmental impacts, including our emissions, to achieve reductions and efficiencies where possible
  • Work from home actively encouraged across our employee base



Paul Cosgrave, CEO, Nasstar Group

“We understand that every industry has a significant role to play in achieving the 2050 net-zero target. The Nasstar Group is committed to a more sustainable future, working hard on a pathway to becoming a cleaner and greener business so that we can meet this target. We are already doing this by taking steps to reduce our own carbon footprint and by creating sustainable solutions that benefit the environment. Via our own innovative technology and IT solutions, we can positively impact organisational processes across the globe, creating responsible value chains and greener IT.”

Our Commitment new


Stating our intentions is only one part of our steps towards a greener future. Improving our implementation of sustainability in all areas of the Group will enable our goals to be achieved.

Communication and engagement activities are monitored and managed by our Sustainability Representative.