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Nasstar ‘Star’ nominated at the WIT Excellence Awards

21 November 2023      
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Nasstar is delighted to announce that  Sally Blake Exley, Bids Coordinator, has been selected as a finalist in the ‘Rising Tech Star’ category at this year’s ‘Women in Tech (WIT) Excellence Awards’.  

These awards recognise top-performing women from across the tech sector and Sally was nominated for her dedication to her role and the positive influence she has had since founding the Nasstar  ‘Women in Tech Group’ in 2022.  

Sally is passionate about promoting equality and has since worked with our wider teams to spearhead initiatives that support business improvement. 

“Technology shapes every aspect of our lives and has the power to drive meaningful change. This, alongside my passion for technology and its potential to improve our world, is what inspired me to forge a career in the IT industry. I wanted to be a part of that transformation and contribute to creating a more technologically advanced society. 

“Throughout my time at Nasstar, I have experienced many highlights, including co-chairing and founding the Women in Tech initiative.  Being the only female in my team has also had a positive impact, enabling me to reinforce the importance of diversity and the need for inclusive practices.  

“My top tip for women looking to start a career in technology would be to believe in yourself and embrace your unique strengths. Regardless of your gender, you have the skills to be an important part of the industry, no matter which role you choose. Mentorships are also invaluable and can provide you with guidance, advice and the confidence to navigate any workplace challenges you may stumble upon.” 

About the Women in Tech Excellence Awards 

Now in their seventh year, the WIT Excellence Awards provide inspiration for young women seeking a career in our industry and celebrating the achievements of women already here. The awards were designed to help the industry move towards solutions that improve equality and diversity for women.  

By recognising and promoting the talented women working in technology and IT, the awards aim to showcase the varied roles that women can undertake in this developing and innovative industry. So far, over 1,800 women have been celebrated for their achievements at work and beyond.  

Women in Tech: The Challenge 

Increasing diversity across the IT sector is not a new challenge, but it is one that’s firmly on the agenda for many businesses, including Nasstar. Unfortunately, women are still largely underrepresented across the tech sector, particularly when it comes to senior roles. Additionally, there is still much work to be done to ensure women are paid the same as their male counterparts for the same work.  

The challenge doesn’t just start in the world of work either. We need to get on board much earlier on, in schools and colleges where education establishments report little to no growth in the numbers of girls and women opting for STEM subjects.  

Women in Tech at Nasstar 

At Nasstar, we have integrated several initiatives and objectives to go some way in improving the workplace for women. These include: 

  • Creating an employee-led ‘Women in Tech’ employee resource group 
  • Increasing our maternity pay policy to offer 14 weeks of fully paid maternity leave 
  • Working to improve female retention and recruitment rates with the senior management team 
  • Ensuring a minimum of 40% of our workforce are female by 2030 
  • Seeking opportunities to attract female talent and engage with female-owned consultancy firms 
  • Supporting a positive work-life balance through flexible hours and remote working policies 

If you’re keen to start your own career in technology, visit our careers page to view open vacancies.