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Arena Business Centres
Case Study:

Arena Business Centres

Nasstar kickstarts the compliance journey for Arena Business Centres

Arena Business Centre is a serviced office provider with a reputation for delivering high-quality office spaces and working with clients to provide a bespoke service tailored to business needs. Arena Business Centre places the client at the heart of everything it does, working hard to understand its client’s business requirements and maintain high customer service levels.


Fully Managed Services 

The Brief

However, when the change in regulation threatened to take attention away from service delivery, the business made the decision to look to their managed service provider, Nasstar for expert help and guidance to kickstart the compliance journey. Arena Business Centre’s Regional Manager, Mary Stevens had taken on the responsibility of compliance for the business. However, she quickly realised that an external viewpoint is essential to identify areas in need of attention and to put an effective plan in place.

Stevens comments: “I’d attended a few seminars on GDPR previously, however, I felt overwhelmed by the prospect of juggling the work needed alongside other important responsibilities and decided to seek help from the experts. Nasstar was already delivering a good quality of service in terms of our IT and I soon learnt that the professional services team were extremely knowledgeable about GDPR and the process a business needs to go through to be compliant."

The Benefits

Experience: “Nasstar has helped many businesses through the compliance journey and its understanding of our business from a technical viewpoint helped to efficiently identify where we needed to improve.”

Capability: “Nasstar’s professional services team helped us to prioritise activity that would deliver the most impact for our users and customers and took ownership of large ticket items that allowed us to make quick wins internally and ensure our focus was on delivering a high-quality service, safe in the knowledge that progress was being made elsewhere.”

Professionalism: “As well as being experts in the field of compliance, the team also took the time to get to know the business personally and suggested a number of creative and effective ways of involving members of staff in the compliance process to ensure this way of working was engrained into the culture of the organisation.”

Mary Stevens concludes: “Nasstar simplified something that appeared complex and overwhelming and their flexible approach enabled us to kickstart the process and make progress from the get-go. Thanks to Nasstar’s expertise and guidance, I’m now confident of our compliance in time for the data regulation update, leaving me free to focus on adding value to the business and ensuring we deliver the highest quality service possible to our clients."

The Solution

Nasstar’s professional services team conducted a full audit of Arena Business Centre’s data, policies and procedures to identify areas that require improvement in line with the data protection regulation.

This involved identifying where the organisation currently stores its data, what type of data is stored and how it is used across the breadth of the organisation.

As an external partner, Nasstar had the advantage of being able to view the business objectively. Arena Business Centres was then able to work closely with Nasstar to prioritise the next steps and identify activities that could be carried out internally by the team and what required the technical and compliance expertise of Nasstar to complete. The flexibility of this process was one of the key success factors according to Stevens:

“As a proactive company, we wanted to complete as much of the work in-house as possible as we knew this would help our understanding and knowledge of the regulation. However, we were also aware of our resources and capabilities in-house and as a result, had to be realistic. Being able to work with Nasstar to allocate actions to the right people with the right skills means a job gets done and Nasstar’s technical resources and experience were particularly beneficial during the process.”