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PCI compliant payments without compromising the customer experience

Taking customer payments is an essential function of most contact centres yet handling payment details can give organisations a compliance headache, particularly when agents are working remotely across different locations and devices.

That’s why we’ve created AgentPay, a payment application that completely de-risks the agent environment from exposure to any cardholder data, reducing PCI DSS controls by over 98%, leaving you with 6 to maintain thereafter - instead of 354.

Data that does not exist, simply cannot be breached

Delivered via the cloud with no need for additional hardware, AgentPay allows customers to enter their card details via a telephone keypad, speech recognition or single-use payment link. The AgentPay interface displays only asterisks on the agent’s screen while our DTMF masking technology means all dial tones are suppressed from the agent.

Crucially, an agent can remain on the line while the customer makes their payment. The interface will show the customer’s progress, without ever exposing the confidential card data.


The result is a secure, compliant, and efficient customer journey, every time.

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