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Say Hello to Serverless Computing

VIDEO    24 June 2022    

Technology partners come in all shapes and sizes, but wouldn’t it be easier if one partner could do the job of many? At Nasstar, we help enterprise businesses to drive positive business outcomes with our ability to be a cloud delivery, managed services and professional services consultancy partner.

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Rail Delivery Group

VIDEO    14 June 2022    

Our latest AWS project which helped RDG to evolve railway ticketing with a new Serverless smart ticketing system, contributing to Great Britain's railway modernisation initiative.


Viva Insights for Real-World Value

ON-DEMAND    15 March 2022    

We’ll look at how you can use Microsoft Viva Insights to learn about what matters to your employees, and put that information to work, increasing productivity and value.

Viva Insights for Real-World Value