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Webinar 21 September 2022 11:00-11:30 REGISTER NOW
21st Sept - Viva Goals webinar

Now more than ever before, employees want to have purpose and a structured way to see how they are making an impact to their company. Viva Goals enables individuals and companies to organise and track their progress through Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Viva Goals immerses everyone in the company’s purpose and top priorities, and creates a culture of engaged employees focused on achieving common goals.

A recent Microsoft study found 77% of employees said it is important to feel a sense of purpose and meaning within their company, while 69% said it is important to be rewarded for impact instead of hours worked.

Over the course of our 2-part webinar, we’ll share the secrets of how Viva Goals drives results and a thriving business, and demonstrate how a shared understanding of strategic priorities fosters collaborative growth.  

Join our panel of experts from Nasstar and Microsoft for discussions, demos, and a deep dive into what makes Viva Goals an essential component of your organisation’s development strategy.

Up for discussion, Part 2:

  • How Viva Goals drives OKR engagement
  • How best to implement Viva Goals
  • How to secure company buy-in


Sign up for Part 1 here.

Your Speakers

peter vasey

Peter Vasey

Head of Technical Services, Nasstar

As Managing Director, Mark is responsible for Nasstar’s Managed Services and Cloud division. With over 15 years experience working in various senior leadership roles, Mark has a proven track record of leading business development within the managed service industry.

Jack Fisher

Jack Fisher

M365 Pre Sales Consultant, Nasstar

A Microsoft 365 Specialist with over 15 years experience working for large enterprise organisations and managed service providers. Jack is responsible for showing clients the value of M365 and how it can unleash their full business potential. He has a wealth of experience in all things M365, with a particular interest in Microsoft Viva and the Employee Experience.

Krizia Ceccobao

Krizia Ceccobao

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft

An accomplished strategist with a wealth of experience in consulting, programme management and business development, Krizia helps clients achieve their business goals and get the most from their IT investments. She promotes the importance of teamwork and communication throughout the digital journey, delivering greater awareness of cloud solutions and security best practises.