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Cloud Optimisation: Best practice for optimising your data

Webinar 15 June 2023 10:30-11:15 REGISTER NOW

Is your business drowning in a sea of data? You're not alone.

According to a study by Forbes, 95% of businesses say that managing data is a problem. But with the right approach, data can become your most powerful asset!

Unlock the power of data at our exclusive webinar!

Join experts from across the Nasstar Group as they unveil the secrets of Big Data. Learn how to extract meaningful value and harness actionable business intelligence.

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What you’ll learn

  • The key steps to a single, central data repository
  • How to use data engineering to utilise raw data
  • Derive business value from the data to enable:
    • Predicting Events
    • Product Recommendations
    • New Customer Identification
    • Operational Efficiency
    • Fraud Detection

Who should attend

This webinar is designed for business leaders and decision-makers. Particularly those in marketing, engineering, finance, and operations who would benefit from a better understanding of their data potential.

Webinar speakers

Steve Sell

Steven Sell

Director of Public Cloud Services, Nasstar

Paddy Vishani

Paddy Vishani

Engagement Manager, Colibri Digital