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Case Study:

Rail Delivery Group - Rail Data Marketplace (RDM)

Nasstar delivers an improved service desk experience for RDG’s Rail Data Marketplace

Over the past decade, Nasstar has worked closely with Rail Delivery Group (RDG) to deliver invaluable services including ticketing, travel information, and refund facilities. This latest engagement enhances RDG’s new Rail Data Marketplace (RDM) with Nasstar-operated service management capabilities. 

The RDM is a central platform to simplify data sharing between data consumers and the rail industry. It aims to enable innovation by making data more accessible while providing publishers with granular control over who can access their data.


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The Brief

RDG serves a significant portion of Britain's rail customers. As a large organisation with a diverse technology portfolio, the service desk platform needed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, provide 24/7 availability, and guarantee the security of sensitive customer data.

To ensure the swift resolution of any issues RDG and its customers encounter, Nasstar created a service desk experience that allows users to raise and manage incident tickets through a secure and scalable online portal.

The Benefits

Nasstar's commitment to the ongoing modernisation of the rail industry helped it provide solutions tailored to RDG’s specific needs. In doing so, Nasstar has played a crucial role in the launch of the Rail Data Marketplace. Advantages of the new platform include:

Streamlined support: Users can easily raise tickets through the intuitive RDM portal and experience efficient routing to the most qualified service team.

Uninterrupted access: The deployment of serverless architecture has ensured 24/7 availability, automatic scaling based on demand, and consistent support whenever it's needed.

Scalability and cost-effectiveness: With demand-based automatic scaling comes improved resource optimisation and more opportunities to minimise RDG’s IT costs.

Enhanced security: With a dedicated AWS account, WAF protection, and SSO integration, security measures are in place to safeguard sensitive data and comply with industry standards.

Data-driven insights: ServiceNow's reporting capabilities and integration with existing systems enable insightful data analysis. These capabilities will guide future improvements and resource allocation.

The Solution

Leveraging its expertise in cloud-based solutions, Nasstar established a user-friendly interface for incident ticket management. The pre-configured SaaS ServiceNow platform is equipped with custom workflows. Each workflow streamlines ticket routing based on issue type and severity, so they’re resolved swiftly by the most qualified team.

Nasstar also created a new RDM AWS account to deliver a serverless AWS API Gateway and Web Application Firewall (WAF). This account will scale and interface with the other AWS services that Nasstar provides and manages for RDG.

While the serverless architecture enhances API management and scalability, the WAF maintains security standards by creating a protective shield against common web attacks. To further enhance security, the new platform has been integrated with RDG's existing Single Sign-On (SSO) system. This approach has provided users with convenient access without the need for separate login credentials for the service desk.

This is an initiative that builds upon years of successful collaboration between RDG and Nasstar. Time and time again, the team continues to prove their delivery expertise and knowledge of AWS and ServiceNow best practices. The platform itself will provide our data consumers and data providers with a smooth and efficient support experience, ultimately contributing to the success of RDG and the Rail Data Marketplace.

Alastair Page
Senior Service Manager, Rail Delivery Group