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Case Study:

One of the UK's largest supermarket retail groups

Nasstar deploys AWS & ForgeRock IAM solution to meet PSD2 regulations

As part of one of the UK’s largest supermarket retail groups, this client provides banking and financial services to customers.


Identity Access Management


The Brief

The client needed to implement a single identity and access management (IAM) solution that supported a future strategy of a single IAM solution utilised across its full portfolio of companies, as well as managing access to partners and third parties.

Within the financial services operation, it wanted to centralise multiple different platforms and services into a single platform with one unified customer journey. It needed to enable secure and protected logins for customers, increased opportunity of cross-selling between brands and a more streamlined, consistent customer service experience.

The project was initiated as a result of the company’s need to meet the upcoming PSD2 regulations, and so that the IAM solution could also be leveraged more widely across the group.

The Benefits

Nasstar's ForgeRock deployment allows the client to achieve a seamless group-wide digital customer experience management across any of the group’s brands. Nasstar’s work enables the client to comply with PSD2 by providing Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) authentication and also improves their customer journey.

Implementing a strategic IAM platform has enabled customers to authenticate to a single system across the group, and the client can accelerate the growth of customer relationships across its brands, offering further relevant services to loyal customers.

The Solution

The initial priority for the project was the implementation of an IAM platform that would meet the PSD2 regulations. This IAM platform would be established as a foundation platform that could be built to support additional requirements and future use cases. The client had already identified that ForgeRock was the only vendor that could demonstrate successful implementations of PSD2 compliant solutions with Nasstar as the only strategic partner who could provide a true end-to-end solution.

Nasstar’s ForgeRock deployment also offered full scalability, fault tolerance and security, making use of AWS technologies such as EC2 autoscaling groups, DynamoDB, API Gateway, Systems Manager and AWS WAF. Its functionality aligned with the group-wide use cases that had been defined at the start of the project.

The project was initiated as a phased approach. AWS CodePipeline/CodeBuild polling from source control provided the ability to deploy features, enhancements and release through the environments at a fast but controlled rate. This provided a foundation to meet the initial 14 March PSD2 compliance date, followed by the second FCA deadline on 14 September. The foundational solution will then be further enhanced to support future phases and customer journey digital transformation in the future.