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Spotlight: Apprenticeship Ambassador


National Apprenticeship Week is an opportunity to celebrate Nasstar’s brilliant apprentices and the dedication it takes to make our scheme a success. In this blog, we spotlight Rachael Allen, Nasstar Service Director and recently appointed Apprenticeship Ambassador for the Yorkshire and Humber Region

What is an Apprenticeship Ambassador?

Apprenticeship Ambassadors are employers who have recruited apprentices as part of their workforce. They are passionate about their experiences with apprentices and are keen to promote the apprenticeship route to other employers and potential new recruits. This may be via case studies, events, social media or at job fairs where an employer would talk positively and honestly about the impact an apprentice has made within their organisation.

Why have you been appointed as an Apprentice Ambassador?

The one thing I’m extremely proud of is how I’ve built teams that provide operational excellence in order to meet the challenges of the sector. This has been achieved by creating an inclusive, informed and focused working environment. Critical to the business’s success is their focus supporting apprentices and creating career paths that enable continual growth and career longevity. As a result, I was invited to become an Apprenticeship Ambassador for the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Why are you so passionate about apprenticeships?

Over the years we’ve had some great success stories within the business. When I first arrived, we had several apprentices who, five years later, have now grown into strong capable Project Managers with one now leading her own Project Management team. The one thing that united these teams of individuals was a strong work ethic and a desire to succeed in life. I feel an apprenticeship offers a hands-on approach to further education which is more suited to certain individuals.  It is extremely rewarding for any company to see their employees grow and excel within the business and at Nasstar we have been very lucky to have been blessed with some really talented employees over the years.

What do you think apprenticeships will look like in 5 years?

I'd like the snobbery about apprenticeships to disappear and for apprenticeships to be a real opportunity for employers to recruit some fantastic, hard-working, committed and agile employees. Everyone deserves the opportunity to excel and we can provide the platform to help them get there.

If you were Skills Minister for a day, what one thing about apprenticeships would you want to change?

I'd provide businesses with much more information and guidance on how to make the best use of the government levy, as far too many businesses are missing out on the financial benefits but more importantly some great team players.

Nasstar has a variety of apprenticeship opportunities available. To find out if one would suit your ambitions, visit our careers page or contact us here