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Self-Service Automation

Scalable, resilient technology for a self-serve culture

We live in a self-serve culture. As consumers, we want on-demand, 24/7 customer support that is easily and instantly accessible – for checking accounts, querying policies and renewals, making payments, or updating our details in real-time.

Our customers are no different. This self-serve culture has become an expectation, and those that fail to provide such access run the risk of being left behind.

With our self-serve call centre automation software, you can make these services a reality, offering a great customer experience 24/7 while reducing your contact centre headcount between 25-50%.

Deliver exceptional customer experience,
as standard


And with customer service agents now typically working from multiple locations – including homeworking environments – our self-serve information capture and payment tools securely de-risk your contact centre and maintain customer privacy, regardless of location.

With a wide range of contact centre solutions from secure document delivery to a customer’s mobile; ChatBot support services for an enriched web journey and automated PCI DSS compliant payments, our experience as an IVR provider has shown combining multiple self-service applications providing choice throughout, results in an upsurge in both success rate and reported ease of use.

We can help you drive a culture of self-service and ease the communication burden on your business

  • Mobile Self-Service: deliver an app-like experience to your customers without the download. Initiate SMS contact, data capture, sharing secure documents, processing payments and guiding customers through workflows
  • IVR Self-Service: securely identify and verify callers and guide them through self-service workflows. Account lookups, payments, data capture and informational messages are just some of the many varied ways in which First Call Resolution can be achieved without agent intervention
  • ChatBot Self-Service: automate your customer web chat interactions via an AI-driven ChatBot. Answer FAQ’s, enable account lookups, automate payment workflows, answer product queries or provide technical or user support with the power of Nasstar AI

Don’t just call, resolve.