Nasstar's nSecureSign is delivered in partnership with eSignature Exchange and is designed to enable the secure digital signing of almost any document. Using the nSecureSign platform, you can send documents and forms from your home, office or mobile device to any recipient so that they may sign it, in a legally binding and secure way.

nSecureSign is fully integrated with office, enabling you to electronically sign contracts directly from MS Word. Electronically signed documents are legally binding and Section 7(1) of The Electronic Communications Act of 2000 makes it clear that electronic signatures are admissible in evidence in the context of the authenticity or integrity of a communication or data, making electronically signed documents legally admissible in court.

Signatures made through the nSecureSign platform are highly secure, we use 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and protocol to encrypt the information sent over the internet and keep signature transactions private and confidential by scrambling the information during transmission (sending/receiving) of any electronically signed documents.