As a Microsoft Gold Hosting Partner and a Microsoft Gold CSP Partner, we have the credentials and experience to migrate, support and manage any Office 365 projects adding unique functionality exclusive to Microsoft's public cloud into your private cloud mix.

This enables us to approach a customer requirement choosing to either roll out Office 365 as a standalone solution, or when appropriate integrate Office 365 with a private cloud. We are intimately familiar with Office 365 and we continuously test early release features to ensure our customers fully benefit from the rapidly emerging functionality.

Our dedicated O365 technical teams are experts in assisting our customers with the migration from legacy Microsoft enterprise applications to the modern, cloud based O365 equivalents. We can frictionlessly migrate your emails, files and contacts into the Microsoft O365 cloud, without causing service disruption to your operations or losing productivity in the process.

If you need us to, we can manage your entire 0365 infrastructure and ensure that it is always correctly configured according to best practice. We will make sure that your O365 data and communications are always kept secure with the right O365 access and authentication controls in place and support your users 24/7 to make sure that they always have access to the right tools.


Microsoft 365

As well as Office 365, Nasstar can also deliver Microsoft 365 as a tailored solution using our deep knowledge of the component products to ensure you maximise the return on investment with your chosen Microsoft Cloud products. 


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