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Refining The Recruitment Process With Microsoft Teams


Technology has truly revolutionised and digitalised recruitment with endless touch-points available for hiring managers looking to fill vacancies. 

15 years on from newspaper adverts, faxes and CV’s posted by snail mail, the internet has been the largest paradigm shift in the job seeking and selection process which is not surprising considering there are over 4.39 billion users worldwide today. But what exactly does this mean for recruiters? Despite the growing popularity of online activity that allows greater access to a pool of experienced candidates, they are still facing tremendous competition and pressure to improve, streamline. and modernise the hiring process.

In our latest blog, Nasstar's recruitment manager, Ryan Ferris, explains how the use of one collaboration application has dramatically transformed recruitment for both his colleagues and candidates. Enter Microsoft Teams…

Why the need for change?

Attracting the right candidates, outdated recruitment strategies, and long lead times from interview to offer are all problems faced by today as Ryan discovered recently when instructed to employ a Technical Consultant for a forthcoming project. “We had a short 12-week lead time to complete the project and required immediate help. Finding someone was very challenging in this time-frame when the formal process of recruitment can often take months.” Prior to this, Ryan had an instance where he’d conducted 20 interviews and assessed 100+ CV's before employing 3 new Project Engineers. For each, there were CV’s to review, suitability from both parties to consider, and often 2nd and 3rd interviews involved.

What is the solution?

Nasstar has incorporated the use of Microsoft Teams into its recruitment procedure, efficiently streamlining and reducing the interview process due to its video conferencing, file sharing and collaboration tools. Rather than enduring time-consuming physical interviews, once a candidate was considered suitable for a position, they would be interviewed by Ryan via a recorded Teams session which was passed onto the hiring manager at their convenience. If the candidate meets the criteria, consequent video interviews could then be scheduled in quick succession. Ryan found this invaluable when up against constricted time constraints: “Thanks to the utilisation of Microsoft Teams, we were able to fill this vacancy in less than 7 working days end-to-end!” Not only this, but Teams has other limitless benefits when used as a resource for recruitment. 

What are the benefits?

It can take on average up to 42 days to fill a vacancy, so time is of the essence. Here are some of the key benefits and reasons you should be using Teams for recruitment:

  • GroupsCreate a group so that stakeholders (recruiters, hiring manager and candidates) can discuss the role.
  • File sharing Share and work on documents (for example contracts) instantly for efficient consolidation. This can be done during calls or offline.
  • Recording Record interviews for unlimited playback with the ability to set specific permissions. Wherever you are, face-to-face meetings via video can be replicated instantly.  
  • Video conferencing and subtitles Immerse yourself in both group conferencing and one-on-one calls.
  • MobilityNo travel required! Interview on the move and join from any device including laptop, tablet and smartphone via the Teams app.
  • Security Candidate data can be sensitive but is protected by the ability to create customisable security setups based on your requirements.   

In summary, the utilisation of Microsoft Teams has the potential to make the recruitment process more fluid and engaging for all parties. It has enabled Nasstar to make well-informed choices on candidates, insightful recruitment decisions in a timely manner.

What the candidate said…

“The recruitment process was a breath of fresh air for me. I found that traditional job-hunting methods were slow and the physical interview process time-consuming. This new streamlined approach transitioned me from interview to job offer all within a week and gave me a taste of the current technology being used in the modern workplace… something I couldn’t wait to use!”

What the hiring Manager said…

Ryan summarises, “Teams will broaden your organisation's candidate pool nationally and globally without lengthy interview processes and the expense of in-person interviews. The new process has streamlined what was previously a laborious task and our ability to make informed hiring decisions with speed and adaptability is significantly improved thanks to Microsoft Teams.”

If you would like to arrange a one-to-one demonstration or understand how Teams could help your business please contact us here.