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Case Study:

Leading Global Benefits Provider

Nasstar migrates 20,000 users to new and improved IAM platform

Our client is a leading global employee benefits provider offering financial protection through the workplace, including income protection, life insurance, critical illness and dental cover.


Identity Access Management

The Brief

The client had dual requirements. First, they were looking to introduce a new broker portal to allow it to interact with its partners with increased functionality and security. As well as introducing the new portal, it needed to introduce identity and access management (IAM) functions that would enable its brokers to access its services quickly and reduce the amount of time wasted on Helpdesk requests.

In addition, having recently acquired a new business, it needed to integrate the new company’s IAM system onto the parent company platform, ensuring a streamlined authentication process across the globe.

The overarching business requirement was to ensure that the end-users did not suffer any disruption during the migration, either in terms of an outage, or a negative change to the customer experience when using the platform.

The Benefits

The IAM platform that Nasstar delivered for the broker portal empowered the clients’ brokers to onboard new businesses to the platform, creating the login and access rights and therefore saving time. The new system enabled closer partner collaboration and a less admin-heavy experience for both the client and its brokers.

For the integration of the acquired company, Nasstar minimised the impact of the migration by providing plug-in modules to mimic some of the behaviour of the incumbent platform. Removal of most of the customer-facing web forms from its applications also increased supportability and reduced maintenance of those applications.

The move to the ForgeRock Identity Platform also enabled the client to employ single sign-on across all its applications and offer improvements to the customer experience including allowing users to register for accounts and reset their passwords without costly intervention from a Helpdesk. Data security was also greatly improved.

Finally, the speed at which the ForgeRock Identity Platform could be customised to fulfil the business requirements allowed end-users to be migrated off the incumbent platform within the tight timescales of the project, avoiding costly penalties if the migration did not meet the deadlines.

The Solution

For the broker portal, Nasstar’s initial step was a review of the current platform with a view to upgrading it, ensuring it was in line with the current and future demands of an ever-growing business.

To integrate the new organisation, Nasstar undertook workshops to gain an understanding of the behaviour of the current platform, and how it was used by the current team. Following this, Nasstar migrated 20,000 users from the incumbent platform to the client’s existing ForgeRock platform.

As part of this process, KCOM provided custom components allowing the new platform to mimic the SiteMinder functionality, security enhancements including stronger password hashing and more stringent password complexity rules, and user interface development to improve the employee experience.