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Case Study:

FTSE 100 Insurance and Investment Company

Nasstar implements a single sign-on solution with increased security

The client is a FTSE 100 insurance and investment company.

Following the debut of auto-enrolment, it found that it had no way to enable its business customers to give their employees easy access to their personal pension information. Its legacy system required individual usernames and passwords. As a result, its business customers had to generate thousands of logins. This led to a considerable strain on its IT service desk, not to mention thousands of password-reset requests.


Identity Access Management


The Brief

The key problem for the client was increasing access while maintaining security. It needed to integrate the pension provider and the employer’s security systems to enable employees to use a single sign-on to view their pension information.

The Benefits

Within a few months, over 700,000 employees were using the new platform to sign into their pensions account simply, swiftly and securely. Calls to IT service desks fell by an astonishing 76%, while the system also enables Nasstar to build bespoke, branded interfaces for employees to access their pension data.

The client can now design bespoke systems for high-value clients, making pensions management an integral part of a company’s employee-facing IT. What’s more, the system is now integrated with the Open Banking Initiative, which brings the opportunity for exciting new services in the future.

The Solution

Nasstar designed, built and implemented a bespoke solution based on ForgeRock IAM to deliver a smoother login process and flawless security for the client’s customers.

Nasstar then extended the system’s functionality, with a range of verification options to suit all user groups and designed a customisable user interface so that customers could personalise their login portal.