The Nasstar Philosophy

At Nasstar, we believe that our philosophy and company values are what set us apart from our competition and give us the edge we need to succeed. 


Our company’s core values represent a decent, common sense approach to how we treat each other, our partners and our customers. When we sat down as a business to determine what our values should be, we knew it was important for them to reflect our family-centred approach and use this to shape how our company grows and prospers. We are very much a people-led business, encouraging our employees to act as business owners so that they can achieve incredible things and work on personal development, as well as professional development. 


The family-like culture within our business stems from our humble beginnings in 1998, when we were founded by David Redwood as a small family business. David remained as our deputy Chairman until 2017 when he took a well-deserved break. Our current CEO is David’s son and our CFO is his daughter. To this day we still provide a family ethos and we like to ensure that our staff feel as included in our family unit as we do. 


This determination to maintain a family ethos within our business no matter how large we grow is reflected in our core values. We believe our company values inspire our people and those working with us to go above and beyond the call of duty in dealing with our customer's needs -  just like you would in your own family. It’s always been important to us to empower our people and ensure that they have the flexibility in the workplace and creative ownership to make informed decisions that will ultimately drive our business forward.






Our core values have been broken down into five elements, with each one reflecting a key part of our company culture. We expect everyone connected with our business to stand by these values and implement them into everything they do. 


Working Together

  • We always start and end a project as a team 
  • We proactively support each other in our endeavours, and we leverage our collective genius by sharing knowledge in the workplace
  • We ensure we  value the contributions our people make, listen to our customers' views and take on board our partners' expertise when integrating new technologies 
  • We work with our customers and suppliers as collaborative partners, to deliver our service to the end user


  • We are unwavering in our quest to constantly improve upon the solutions and services that we offer, and are always searching for ways to innovate 
  • We are focused on listening to those who use our solutions  
  • We consistently support our knowledge acquisition through internal research, development and training programmes


  • We work hard to understand our customers and their markets  
  • We aim to deliver on our promises, whilst striving for optimum efficiency when we deliver them 
  • We encourage everyone to act as a business owner to provide the best possible service levels


  • We work towards controlled growth and regular investment in order to safeguard our future 
  • We allocate a substantial portion of our capital to invest in our people and technology, whilst continuously managing for quality


  • We proactively share our opinion, analysis and knowledge with others 
  • We are innovative and actualise the change we seek  
  • We empower our people to deliver success and value their contributions.

To learn more about Nasstar and our company history, visit our 'About Us' page.