Nasstar managed telephony solutions consist of one of two platforms, with platform selection dependent on the customer requirement. We can offer either Skype For Business on the 0365 platform or our very own VoIP platform based upon ShoreTel, providing your organisation with the dial tone reliability of a copper wire phone system, but with more advanced functionality better suited to modern business communications. Enjoy one click calling through your CRM, browser and email client, intelligent routing of calls and an improved user experience that enables you to seamlessly communicate across multiple devices.

Nasstar managed telephony solutions dramatically increase your functionality with instant messaging and video conferencing whilst driving down costs with free internal calls and all-inclusive call plans, predictably fixing your monthly call costs. Your traditional local telephone numbers are no longer restricted to a geographical location, allowing your employees to work from anywhere and still give the appearance of being in your office. Nasstar managed telephony sets your organisation free to operate from any location.