Nasstar is an established and well-regarded IT services provider to the legal sector with more than a decade's worth of experience supporting barristers, solicitors and legal professionals with their IT needs. Our legal team has worked with a large number of law firms and chambers to deliver cloud based IT solutions that are specifically tailored to the legal sector. One of the very first law firms to outsource their IT in the UK was Martin Kaye and we are proud to have managed their IT infrastructure, supporting their users as if they were our own, for over a decade.

Leveraging the experience we have gained working with law firms like Marriott Harrison, DMH Stallard, Olswang and Keystone Law, among others, we are able to provide you with thought leading insight into how best you can leverage our cloud hosted services to provide your legal practice with a Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) compliant IT infrastructure, one that adheres to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and Data Protection Act guidelines and is backed by an industry leading SLA, one created with the legal industry in mind.

Nasstar's people, internal policies, processes and systems are governed by ISO 27001 (Information Security) and Cyber Essentials certifications. This includes secure networks, vulnerability management, strong access control measures and regular disaster recovery and business continuity testing, all of which ensure that our legal sector customers have continuous peace of mind when it comes to the management of their data, applications and IT systems. Let Nasstar's legal IT team worry about your IT compliance, allowing you to focus on the law.



Benefits of Hosted Cloud & Managed IT Services for the legal sector 

Nasstar counts over 50 law firms across the UK as clients, equating to over 3,400 legal end users accessing services and being supported by Nasstar daily. The legal industry deals with a large amount of information, about a variety of different cases that can last for a matter of hours, to several years in some instances. The benefits of having a cloud-based system for legal firms isn’t just about getting rid of paper, there are so many to consider that would allow you to run a smoother and better functioning practice:


    • A cloud-based information sharing system meaning files can be accessed whenever, wherever you need them
    • A secure IT management structure aimed at providing the highest levels of security
    • We have experience with over 50 different law firms, each with their own customised package with Nasstar to suit their exact needs.
    • Better management of your practice, with all files being located in one place, allowing ease of access and location in your custom built hosted cloud solution.
    • Our robust platform is perfect for the adoption of new software to ensure the firm keeps pace with the tools available.
    • With our hosted desktop solutions you can ensure your IT investment is protected by a robust Disaster Recovery structure, ITIL best practice management and SRA compliant processes for data security.
    • Our systems provide enhanced security across your business, to ensure that your firm is protected against the growing threat of ransomware and cyber crime.