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26 March 2018      

As the leading provider of short breaks in the UK, Center Parcs had a large amount of data stored across its datacentre, Head Office and five villages, which was becoming less reliable and time-consuming to restore from the existing tape backup solution. To address these challenges and procure a solution that would suit the company’s future needs, Center Parcs turned to its trusted IT provider to recommend a solution.

Nasstar implemented their backup solution SecureVault On-Premise, powered by EVault from Carbonite. Providing the same highly-secure, best-of-breed service as their Cloud offering but in a unique hybrid solution designed specifically for large datasets, this solution not only removes Center Parcs’ reliance on tape backup but ensures quicker restoration times. Data was deduplicated before replication to minimise bandwidth overhead, transmitted securely across the internet to a secondary vault on Nasstar's Cloud platform for additional protection. SecureVault encryption is FIPS-approved as certified by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), so Center Parcs could be certain that their data was secured at all times.

Center Parcs now has a highly-secure, reliable backup solution for their data, which can be quickly recovered should the company need to do so. Nasstar also implemented an Infrastructure Managed Service at the company’s Head Office. With round-the-clock end-to-end management and monitoring – proactively keeping the infrastructure healthy to ensure it doesn’t fail – downtime is minimised as Nasstar's technical experts would be on-hand to intervene should anything go wrong.

Phil Coe, Head of IT at Center Parcs, said: “To bring our backup solution up-to-date, reduce our storage costs and ensure infrastructure uptime, Nasstar recommended and implemented a solution that would meet our needs not only now, but as we grow in the future.”