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Microsoft expands M365 Copilot to businesses of all sizes

16 January 2024      
m365 copilot remove license limit

On January 15th Jan 2024, Microsoft announced that it’s making enterprise subscription options available for smaller businesses.

Although this groundbreaking Generative AI service became generally available for Business and Enterprise customers in November 2023, Copilot is already expanding.

In response to such high demand, Microsoft has removed the 300-seat purchase minimum for commercial plans, making Copilot more accessible to a much wider variety of users, including consumers who pay for Microsoft 365. Businesses can now benefit from Copilot for M365 if they have one of the following licenses:

Office 365 E3, E5 
Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Premium 
Microsoft 365 E3, E5 
Microsoft 365 A3, A5 
Office 365 A3, A5 

As tempting as it may be to rush to purchase Copilot, the success of AI adoption hinges on selecting the most appropriate business functions to receive Copilot licenses and ensuring that your license holders are given the right tools to harness this technology. Each of your license holders should be: 

Tech-savvy: They should have a basic understanding of AI and its potential benefits. 

Influential: They should be able to inspire and encourage others to embrace AI. 

Open-minded: They should be willing to adapt to new ways of working. 

By choosing wisely, you’ll ensure a smooth transition towards AI adoption. These ‘AI Champions’ will not only be able to leverage the power of Copilot to enhance their productivity but also act as role models, demonstrating the benefits of AI to their peers. 

To facilitate the adoption of AI in your workplace, we recommend the following steps: 

Training: Provide comprehensive training to the selected individuals on how to use Copilot effectively. 

Support: Establish a support system to address any challenges or concerns that may arise during the transition. 

Feedback: Encourage open communication and feedback to continuously improve the AI experience. 

There are also technical hurdles, including housing data in the right locations to ensure that data is adequately protected. 

Remember, the journey towards AI adoption is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires patience, persistence, and a shared vision of a more efficient, innovative, and competitive future. 

As a Microsoft Modern Work Partner, Nasstar’s Adoption and Change Management experts are uniquely placed to help you on this journey. Alongside our colleagues at Colibri, we can help you define your AI strategy and realise tangible benefits in your workplace.

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