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Enabling Transformative Change in the Healthcare Sector with SD-WAN

15 June 2022      
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With large and geographically complex networks, as well as a backdrop of funding constraints, the Healthcare sector is a prime candidate for SD-WAN and the benefits it can provide. This is why Nasstar has joined up with leading security provider Fortinet to host a webinar to talk through the advantages of SD-WAN and the value it can bring to the healthcare sector and HSCN organisations.

On the 15th June at 11:00-11:35 AM, Ian Ashwood, Sales Manager, Nasstar and Matt John, Healthcare Sales Engineer, Fortinet will discuss the journey that healthcare organisations are on to the cloud, with most now embracing secure and smart hybrid working. They will outline how Managed SD-WAN improves agility, network visibility, and end-user productivity while setting the healthcare sector up for change.

Participants will learn:

  • What is Managed SD-WAN?
  • The transformative changes Managed SD-WAN enables
  • Challenges the Healthcare sector is facing and how Managed SD-WAN is a solution
  • The tangible benefits of Managed SD-WAN adoption
  • The collaborative approach Nasstar and Fortinet brings to the Healthcare sector

To find out more and to register, please go to: