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Case Study:

Mobile Technology Research and Development Company

Nasstar brings Azure platform to life to maintain efficiency and minimise costs

The client is a mobile technology research and development company. Since 1972, the US-based transnational has contributed many innovations used in wireless networks and products today, including 2G, 3G and 4G.


Microsoft Azure

The Brief

One of the client’s subsidiaries had developed a groundbreaking IoT platform in Azure that allowed organisations to exchange, share and monetise data for application development. The data marketplace sources real-time transport data from local authorities and private sector clients, making it straightforward for customers to consume.

The company needed a specialist technology and service provider to bring its platform to life. Although it had created a vanilla web portal to access the platform, it required a polished, ready-for-market solution that would allow customers to easily navigate, upload and consume data on the marketplace. It also needed a service provider to host and manage the platform in its own Azure environment.

The Benefits

The client’s data marketplace successfully went live in June 2018. Following completion, Nasstar hosts and manages the platform in Azure and continues to provide operational support. Working with the client team, it offers cloud and proactive applications support, ensuring the platform runs at maximum efficiency and can scale with its growing userbase.

The Solution

The client chose Nasstar because of its experience in delivering similar projects and its comprehensive offering of tools, services and resources. Nasstar put its Azure credentials to the test, making use of the cost-effective, scalable platform to create a portal that could meet storage and processing demands now and in the future.

The two companies collaborated on the development of the marketplace, with Nasstar focusing on the development of the portal’s front-end features. These included login, signup, user management, self-service and billing interfaces. Nasstar also provided an IT services and support layer through its service management team.

Nasstar delivered technical expertise and consultation, helping the client manage its platform over a series of releases from a proof-of-concept to a fully-featured application. It also advised on monitoring and optimising the Azure element of the solution to minimise costs and maintain the efficiency of its Azure cloud environment.