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Case Study:

Insurance Company

Global infrastructure consolidation to deliver first-class connectivity

Our client, runs a charitable foundation giving customers the chance to vote for the causes that matter most to them, and then to fund the projects that will make the biggest difference to their local communities. It has already raised and distributed more than $7.5 million in Canada, and has big ambitions to roll it out to further countries.


Cloud Migration



The Brief

The client did not have the necessary infrastructure in place to expand its platform around the world and deploy new projects under gruelling timescales. It needed to consolidate onto a single worldwide platform.

The new global infrastructure had to deliver to each country on time, and combine first-class connectivity with optimal resilience and the ability to handle large spikes in traffic with zero downtime.

The Benefits

Nasstar closely managed the websites in real-time and made important changes to the AWS platform to respond to the huge influx of traffic. This ensured that each site ran smoothly with zero downtime and that traffic spikes did not affect other client systems. Nasstar also provided hosting and delivery support 24/7 to ensure that any potential issues, including those that threaten downtime, were rectified before affecting users.

Entrusting the platform to Nasstar enabled the client to concentrate on strategic initiatives such as a global learning group, sharing and developing ideas from different countries to improve the user experience further.

The Solution

Nasstar advised the client to move the entire project to a cloud-hosted environment in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Nasstar has been working with the client since 2002, and understands the unique challenges facing the project. By exploiting the huge economies of scale and worldwide reach of AWS, Nasstar would be able to roll out country-specific websites very quickly, while being assured of Amazon’s resilience and performance.

Nasstar designed and built a common environment and virtual network dedicated to each participating country. The platform also supports environments for testing and development, making updates much faster. Nasstar also introduced a dedicated content delivery network (CDN) for each territory to improve page load times and security. To ensure that the project ran perfectly, Nasstar first established the global platform in the UK before rolling it out to other territories, including Canada, Poland, France, Italy and Hong Kong. The client then extended the campaign to Vietnam, Singapore, China and Ireland the following year.