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How To Set Up Effective SMS Campaigns


Conversion is king. But to stand out from competitors, your marketing strategies need to offer incentives and added value that customers just can’t resist. We’re here with tips on launching a successful digital coupons campaign to help maximise sales and ultimately, boost profits. 

Branded and Gamified Coupons

With Nasstar’s SMART Coupons software, you can create the most effective digital coupons, easily.

Each element is entirely customisable to your branding, with the ability to utilise various digital and gamified coupon types such as; scratch and win, spin the wheel, and slot machines. 

Smart Coupon

The only thing you have to worry about is the discount or reward you want to offer.

Generate traffic to your coupon campaign

Generating traffic is one of the most important aspects. Your campaign can be as innovative as you want, but if no one notices it, you won’t drive conversions. We can help you with that.

There are various distribution methods within the platform, including e-mail software integration, SMS software integrations, website integrations, and website pop-ups.

Firstly, you set up your coupon and select the distribution you want to use. You can either use our built-in tools or integrate your existing mail and SMS software with the SMART Coupons platform.

  • Claim gestures before the discount unlocks
    Using SMART Coupons, you can easily attach a central gesture to your coupon, before the discount unlocks. These requirements can be data capture, installing an app, sharing the coupon on Facebook, making a payment, watching a video, and much more.

    To generate an e-mail database, you should use the data capture option. This way, you can easily collect personal customer data via your coupon as visitors must complete the claim requirement to unlock the discount. You must ensure a proper balance between the discount value and the amount of personal data you require - if it’s not balanced, your campaign is likely to fail.

    If you are looking for free exposure to your digital coupon campaign, we recommend users share your coupon on their social channels before the discount unlocks. This allows for wider reach, without additional marketing costs.

Create Urgency

To create a buzz for your campaign, always limit the availability. This might seem complicated, but it can be achieved with coupons designed via SMART Coupons software which includes various limitation options.


Time-limited digital coupon campaigns encourage users to act immediately. If you don’t mention that it’s a one-time deal, the last chance or other another restricting phrase, users are less likely to respond and forget the incentive.

  • Overall campaign expiration counter: On the first page of the coupon, an expiration counter is displayed. It mentions the availability of the entire campaign, based on the expiration date. This can double your campaign interactions.
  • Validity counter of claim: The time of the counter isn’t based on the expiration date, it’s based on when the user claimed the coupon. The timer will be visible on the validation page of the coupon.

Limit the number of coupons

Another great feature to limit a campaign is to determine the number of digital coupons. You can provide a deal capped to 100 coupons, for example. If the deal is interesting, people are more likely to promptly interact or convert because they don’t want to miss out on the opportunity.

Limiting the number of claims or validations of your coupon provides the nudge customers might need to convert.

  • Claim: A specific number of coupons can be claimed but has nothing to do with actual use. It is possible for 100 people to claim the coupon but only 30 redeem it.
  • Validations: An unlimited number of coupons can be claimed but only the fastest 100 can redeem the coupon.

Prevent Coupon Fraud

With SMART Coupons, security is our priority. Our digital campaigns are, by default, single use but various, highly secure validation methods are available.

We also offer additional coupon protection via randomly generated single use codes, preventing your coupons from being abused.

Remarketing pixels

To guarantee conversion, you can add Google tracking pixels to your campaign. This allows you to monitor your customers’ journey and where they drop off during your campaign. This insight is invaluable and provides essential information to help remarket to those who didn’t engage.

  • After opening: The user opened the coupon but didn’t complete the claim action. This may indicate that your claim requirement is too heavy compared to the discount value you are offering in return.
  • After claiming: The user opened the coupon and fulfilled the claim requirement. The only thing (s)he needs to do is to convert. Knowing this, you can now send out specific reminders for them to redeem the coupon.

Nasstar SMART Coupons software provides everything you need to launch engaging, interactive, and highly converting digital coupon campaigns.

With the ability to create coupons yourself, set up secure validation methods, distribute your campaign to your audience and the ability to attach remarketing pixels to your coupon, generating conversions has never been simpler.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about Nasstar SMART Coupons.