At Nasstar we understand the importance and complexities of the financial services sector. It's how we connect the right people and knowledge, creating IT solutions that keep our customers ahead of market changes, at the forefront of innovation and financial services regulations. We help our financial services customers make their businesses more flexible and agile with the aim of growing revenue and driving increased efficiencies, whilst ensuring continuous regulatory compliance.

After a decade spent working in the financial services sector with organisations like NVM Private Equity, August Equity, AGS Accountancy and Liaison Financial Services, Nasstar delivers mission critical confidence, proven managed IT solutions and technical support that unlocks our customers real value, allowing them to focus on their business and stay ahead of the market.

Nasstar can help you re-engineer IT processes to comply with new regulations and harness the power of new technology such as mobile, cloud, and big data. We help financial service firms upgrade their legacy IT platforms, allowing them to respond faster to market opportunities. Money never sleeps, which means that our services and support never sleep either.


Benefits of Hosted Cloud & Managed IT Services for the finance sector


The finance industry deals with huge amounts of forms and paperwork, but when HMRC revenue is set to make its tax service digital, accountants and businesses will be going online more than ever before as paper becomes obsolete. When this does happen, the benefits of having a hosted cloud-based desktop system will be magnified more than ever for the finance industry.

    • An increased amount of data and analytics will allow you to see who uses what documents and when
    • All files with be easily accessible 24/7,  with safe servers containing all documents behind a safety net in the case of any attempted security breaches
    • A cloud-based hosted desktop system can lower costs and give you a better service than having servers in-house, with less energy and manpower being needed to run them
    • Backup servers with all your information on in the case of an emergency, meaning all information can be recovered in the case of a disaster