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Threat Detection and Response

See it. Stop it.

Cyber criminals don’t switch off, which means you can’t afford to let your guard down at any point.

This sounds exhausting, but it needn’t be with Nasstar. We have the technology and the human expertise to keep your organisation safe around the clock.

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) constantly monitors your infrastructure: network traffic, activity from your applications and services, and activity across employee devices and servers. It’s your own technology-led patrol service that means we can identify and isolate threats in near real-time, day or night.

We’ll alert you to an attack within 15 minutes and we’ll provide a clear pathway to remediation so you can quickly restore working order with minimal disruption. 

And because our technology is continually tuned as more data is recorded, it’ll keep on getting better with every day you use it. 

With over 600 staff, 4,000 students, 1,500 computing and 4,400 mobile devices, our online security is tested on a daily basis, requiring constant analysis against threats and abnormal behaviours. The Nasstar Cyber Security Incident Team offers this additional extended support for us in real-time.

Stephen Harvey
Head of Digital Services, Arts University Bournemouth