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Contact Centre

The business drivers have never been clearer

The days of housing customer-facing teams within the same building may be over, but many businesses are still struggling to embrace a flexible workforce while retaining control over their agent desktop environments.

While moving to a dispersed model can make your business more cost-efficient, done badly it leads to connectivity, communication and compliance issues that harm your ability to serve customers properly.

We make change work for you and your business.

We’re here to help you de-risk the remote worker environment

Working with Nasstar, your agents can work from anywhere without customers experiencing any drop in service level, and most importantly - without compromising your systems and database security.

Self-Service Automation

Customer First

PCI Payment Compliance

We'll Solve It

Identity & Verification

Protect Data

When we selected Nasstar as our IT Service Provider, a key decision-making factor for VINCI was the capability Nasstar demonstrated in terms of systems integration expertise. Their attention to detail and experience in Contact Centre technology is second to none. Our Contact Centre solution has managed to meet all of the numerous requirements we had…and some we don’t even have yet!

Ben Paddick
IT Director, Vinci
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