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Virtual Desktop Services

Secure reliable virtual desktop services that scale

Like most businesses you probably need your users to be able to work from home, or while they are on the move, via remote desktops - or maybe even from the office from time to time. But no matter where or how they are working they will always need secure and reliable access to business applications and data.

Our Virtual Desktop services provide your users with a virtual office hosted and managed in the Nasstar private cloud. Our remote access solution provides a consistent, modern desktop experience regardless of the device they are using, which is not only fast and seamless, but it is also inherently safe and secure. With data hosted in the cloud, if a device is lost, stolen or broken – no problem - users can simply log into their hosted desktop through a browser on any other device, to access their desktop, ensuring guaranteed business continuity and regulatory compliance at every step.

So, whether your users need to access the latest SaaS applications, power-hungry services like real-time video or CAD, modern collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams or legacy line of business applications - we have it covered. 

Nasstar demonstrated that they have a wealth of experience in delivering solutions that meet the strict regulations within our sector. Moving to the Cloud has meant that we now have a secure platform for our CMS solution, streamlining our processes. Colleagues can also easily access client data from anywhere and be certain that it’s both protected and compliant, allowing them to be more agile and to dedicate more time to fulfilling our clients’ needs.

Daniel Bramley
I.T. Manager, Tilly Bailey & Irvine