The faster and more effectively you respond to
an incident, the shorter time you give attackers to
steal from or do damage on your systems 

Cyber security experts describe the COVID-19 crisis as a perfect storm; employees working from home, away from their firm's IT experts and sometimes without the protection of a corporate computer network - and hungry for information about Coronavirus.


Exploiting this global pandemic, hackers are redoubling their efforts to steal information or money from unsuspecting users, sending fake emails and text messages as bait, in a scheme known as phishing.


Cyber attacks are no longer an ‘if’ but a ‘when’, and with a rapid rise in remote working and law firms being a particularly attractive target, business vulnerabilities are more exposed than ever. At Nasstar, we offer 24/7 access to our expert Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) who are on hand to provide end-to-end incident management and recovery in the event of a cyber attack or data breach.


In the event of a suspected cyber attack,
PLEASE CONTACT 0844 443 3538


Whether you are a Nasstar customer or a name not yet known to us, once a compromise has been identified our team of highly technical, Tier 3 and Tier 4 Security Analysts will be on hand to support you 24/7.


The SIRT provides step-by-step management from identification to lockdown, followed by an incident response plan to ensure the breach is controlled as quickly as possible, limiting the damage to your firm. Thereafter Nasstar carries out full management of recovery efforts, plus analysis of the breach including root cause, timeline, and forensics. Nasstar will supply all reports in ICO receivable form to reduce legal costs and provide free consultancy post-breach to help our customers build an affordable strategy moving forwards. 





247 access


damage limitation


full security







With over 20 years’ legal sector experience in resolving attack vectors, Nasstar customers benefit from mature processes, runbooks and 24/7/365 assistance. In addition, our parent company, GCI, was shortlisted for three awards in the 2020 SC Awards including ‘Best Incident Response Service.’



If you’d like to learn more about Nasstar’s SIRT or if you would like to arrange an
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