You may be aware that as a part of our 10-19 initiative, Nasstar is migrating to a single support desk system called Cherwell. Following a successful pilot, the first phase of this migration will see Cherwell replace the Perldesk system (which is primarily used at our Telford Head Office) on Monday 23rd September. Our offices in Bournemouth and Northampton will follow shortly afterwards and customers supported from each location will therefore move to the new platform.


From the 23rd September, logging tickets by phone and email will not change and the support contact details will remain the same. You may however notice some differences in the formatting of the confirmation email you receive from the system when a ticket is logged. The area where you will notice the most change is in the client portal when logging or updating your tickets online, as this will now use the Cherwell interface.


While the look and feel of the portal will be different, it has been carefully designed to allow a client to log the required information in a clear and logical manner and will provide a superior user experience to the current system.


To support this transition we have put together a user guide and a number of training videos to ensure that you are prepared to get the best from our new platform. 


Logging in for the first time

01 Logging into the Nasstar Support Portal for the first time





Creating your security passphrase

02 Creating your Security Passphrase in the Nasstar Support Portal





Logging a call

03 Logging a call using the Nasstar Support Portal

Updating a call

04 Updating a call in the Nasstar Support Portal







If you have any queries regarding the transition please contact:


Stephen Peak (Head of Continual Service Improvement) –


Colin Bridle (Process & Systems Integration Lead) –


Gareth Berry (Project Management Team Leader) –


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