Virtual Desktop Infrastructure ("VDI") if often used to describe the concept of a cloud or virtual desktop solution that enables users to access a hosted desktop remotely. When this broad meaning is used then Nasstar Hosted Desktop can be considered a Citrix VDI solution. However, VDI also has a narrow technical meaning, referring to a server that is divided into lots of virtualised desktops.

Taking the broader interpretation, Nasstar Hosted Desktop is a Citrix VDI solution even though technically it is a server based solution that provides each client  with what looks and feels like a hosted virtual desktop but which is in fact a server based session.

Nasstar Hosted Desktop hosts all your apps in the cloud, meaning your computing can be accessed online rather than from a local hard drive. Hosted Desktop is a portal to many apps, ranging from the most commonly used - such as Microsoft Office, Exchange email and Sage - to industry specific and bespoke apps.