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User Centric Support

Our customer and technical support teams are trained to put your users first, getting them back to work when they have any issues using their technology. We tailor our support to your users needs through a series of comprehensive user interviews, regular workspace 'floor walks' and we like to invite our customers to come into our office when they can to brief our support teams. All of which helps us to ensure that our support is underpinned by excellence.

Each and every support engineer is enrolled on Nasstar's 'Support Essentials Programme'. This programme is a training regime that consists of a number of modules that are note only technical, but more importantly focus on the uniqueness of each customer. The programme studies your users so our support is tailored to their needs.

Our customers are invited to attend our annual Stakeholders Forum, a two day series of round tables where we ask our customers to share their views on a wide range of subjects, ranging from the technology we use, the solutions we deliver and most importantly, how we deliver our support to their organisations and users. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a personalised level of service to our customers that they cannot find anywhere else.

Support You Can Rely On

Our support is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, every single day of the year. Nasstar never sleeps! Our support teams stand by to provide you with a personalised level of support, underpinned by excellence.

Our user focused support is tailor made to provide your users with ongoing support and training focused on their individual needs. With Nasstar support teams standing ready to assist them, your users have never felt so looked after.

Our support teams pride themselves on their 'can do' attitudes. To us, can do means that we go about supporting you in a diligent, conscientious way, making sure that we resolve your IT issue before it becomes a real problem.

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