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Fully Managed & Integrated SaaS

We started out in life as an application service provider (ASP), back in 1999 we were the undisputed UK heavyweight champions of Citrix Metaframe, becoming one of the first in the UK to host and then deliver applications over the internet. It is fair to say that we can host any application and we have proven this again and again, ever since the day when Navision (now Microsoft Dynamics) gave us permission to host and deliver their application on a SaaS basis, primarily because they thought we could not do it.

We can work out how to host any application, including custom built applications and desktop versions of practically any Windows application. Once we have properly virtualised your application, we can then deliver it as a service and stream it over the internet to your users on any device, giving them secure anywhere access to their business critical applications.

As well as hosting your traditionally non cloud based applications, through our partnerships with leading SaaS vendors we can also provide you with a library of cloud based software that is specifically geared towards your industry. Finally, we can orchestrate all of your cloud software and properly manage it, ensure it is properly configured and properly supported.

Fully Managed SaaS Orchestration

Juggling a suite of ten or more cloud based / SaaS applications can be a thankless task, let Nasstar take that weight off your shoulders with our SaaS cloud orchestration service. We can orchestrate synchronicity between all of your cloud based software and consolidate multiple payment plans into a simple per user per monthly payment.

Fragmentation of IT control is the primary reason our customers ask us to manage their cloud based applications, we manage the multiple control panels and make sure the multiple services are correctly configured and secured. We become your one pane of glass for IT control and manage all of your SaaS applications for you.

Its often difficult to get the support you need when you need it from cloud based SaaS applications. Multiple ticket systems, support numbers and response times are not compatible with modern business continuity and that is where Nasstar step in, supporting all of your SaaS, all of the time.

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