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Upgrade Your IT, No CAPEX

Nasstar has been working within the commercial property sector, helping architects, property developers, chartered surveyors, property managers, letting agents and property consultants for more than a decade. Our commercial property team has worked with prestigious firms such as Montagu Evans, Argent, Quod and Rendall & Rittner, managing their IT, implementing disaster recovery processes, boosting their mobility and helping them leverage their IT to become more effective.

We specialise in helping commercial property firms gain control over their IT and upgrade their IT infrastructure for no capital outlay, whilst introducing new technologies that help them become more mobile and competitive. Companies operating in the commercial property space are increasingly investing in technology, in order to meet the demands of their increasingly technology conscious customers and succeed in a fiercely competitive market.

You can rely on Nasstar to make sure that your disaster recovery (DR) processes and practices are in place, ensuring business continuity should disaster strike and the worst go wrong. We can help make sure that you never lose any transactions or files and that your customers data is kept safe and secure, encrypted and properly backed up. Finally, we provide 24/7/365 technical support from customer support centres, supporting your users when needed.

Get Better At IT, Become More Competitive

Nasstar understands how important it is to be able to access your files and applications from anywhere, our always accessible cloud hosted services can be accessed on any device with internet and we have in depth experience implementing mobile solutions for the commercial property sector.

Nasstar specialise in upgrading commercial property IT infrastructure and building custom cloud services, designed to provide you with the latest commercial property IT systems, but without the costly hardware investment, painful depreciation, maintenance burden or support overhead.

Nasstar are experienced when it comes to helping commercial property firms manage their DR, our disaster recovery technologies and specialists can ensure business continuity and essential access to data, applications and communications even when disaster strikes.

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