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People You Can Depend Upon

Our Group Operating Executive Board and Senior Management Team count some of the most well known and influential individuals in our industry amongst their numbers, the foundation of our business is underpinned by their knowledge, leadership and experience.

We recruit from within and most of our senior management are either related to each other, or have been with the company for ten years or more, we surround ourselves with good people and we continuously invest in them while we build our business with them.

Group Operating Executive Board

Nigel Redwood - Nasstar
Chief Executive Officer

Began in Sales 2002, worked his way up to MD by 2003 & was promoted to CEO in 2014.

Niki Redwood - Nasstar
Chief Financial Officer
Niki Redwood

Niki originally co-founded our company along with David and has been our CFO ever since.

David McCarthy - Nasstar
Managing Director

David is our MD, he makes sure that our culture fits our customers needs.

Steve Brown - Nasstar
Technical Director

Steve joined us in 2001 and is responsible for the Group's technical direction.

Ed Armitage - Nasstar
Non-Executive Managing Director
Ed Armitage

Edward joined the Executive Board following our acquisition of Modrus.

Operations Team

John Fairclough - Nasstar
Head of HR
John Fairclough

John supports and oversees our peoples human development across the group.

Shannon Johnston - Nasstar
Head of Infrastructure

Shannon is responsible for keeping the groups infrastructure humming.

Frank Ashworth - Nasstar
Head of Commercial Strategy
Frank Ashworth

Frank is responsible for corporate strategy and execution at group level.

Jared Hughes - Nasstar
Customer Services Manager
Jared Hughes

Jared looks after our clients ensuring they always receive a high level of service delivery.

Steve Peak - Nasstar
Head of Continual Service Improvement
Stephen Peak

Steve ensures our solutions, staff and clients are consistently compliant with regulations.

Paul Willmore - Nasstar
Head of Operations
Paul Willmore

As our head of operations, Paul leads our group operations teams, keeping them efficient, organised and on track.

Lydia Cooper - Nasstar
Marketing Manager
Lydia Cooper

Lydia looks after our brand and corporate reputation with a focus on public relations.

Dave Farmer - Nasstar
Technical Manager
Dave Farmer

Dave joined our technical team in 2004 and he is key to the design and implementation of our infrastructure group wide.

Mitchell Silver - Nasstar
Head of Operational Engineering
Mitchell Silver

Part of the original Nasstar team, Mitchell heads up our technical engineering operations.

James Davis - Nasstar
Recruitment Division Operations Director
James Davis

An experienced recruitment IT professional, James focuses on service delivery.

Mark Hodgkinson - Nasstar
Professional Services Director
Mark Hodgkinson

Mark is a seasoned recruitment IT professional, specialising in software development.

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