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Secure Your Users From Web Based Threats

Within most organisations, email and web traffic is the primary point of exit for information and the entry point for collaborative content from 3rd parties, it makes sense to protect that essential information thoroughfare with complementary security technologies. Nasstar's nSecureWeb Gateway is a web proxy delivered in partnership with Clearswift and is a core component of our security product range, it protects your users from web based threats using flexible policies that can help protect against malicious content.

nSecureWeb provides your organisation with an extra level of anti-malware security to protect your users from web based attacks, complementing your existing anti-virus and firewall security measures, it also scans secure https sites to maintain policy compliance across all of your web properties and provides flexible policies that can detect/block content, content categories or keywords that would violate your internal HR policies.

The nSecureWeb Gateway provides you with complete visibility into the information being downloaded or stored in cloud collaboration tools and cloud storage (Box, Office 365, Google Drive, Dropbox). Bi-directional sanitisation and tracking prevents the loss of critical information, preventing unwanted cyber-attacks from occurring. Advanced analytics allow you to detect the use of cloud apps and tools secretly adopted by users through “Shadow IT.”

Next Level Peace Of Mind

nSecureWeb features a powerful and intuitive control panel that allows administrators to control every aspect of the restriction policies that are enforced by the gateway, allowing you to make your security policies as granular and effective as you need them to be.

Stop phishing expeditions from harvesting easily accessed information hidden in document metadata (author, login, system names, etc.) found readily available within your website, social media, and cloud collaboration tools.

Powerful analytics and reporting tools, available from the administration control panel, allow administrators to analyse and report on who has been visiting what websites and when, over thousands of users, for when security audits following a security event are required.

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