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On Premise Collaboration

Delivered in partnership with Gladinet, nFileSync supplies customers with a regulatory compliant 'Dropbox style' hosted solution, giving you the convenience of accessing your corporate data within your hosted desktop, on your laptop (on or offline) and from any device. Knowing that your data is stored securely and kept physically safe on the highly secure infrastructure already in place at Nasstar PLC's UK based data centres, gives your business peace of mind and instills file-sharing best practice.

nFileSync provides administrators with granular access and sharing controls that enable powerful functionality, allowing you to restrict file sharing functionality across an organisation, so that users can only send specific files and documents to specified email addresses or your own company domain.

Intuitive controls provide advanced folder versioning on the nFileSync platform meaning that you can always 'roll back' any of your files, folders or entire data set to previous versions and flexible sharing controls allow you to create guest accounts on the nFileSync platform for one-time sharing of documents with third party collaborators.

State-Of-The-Art Filesharing

A secure cloud storage platform that allows you to set access duration on shared files and folders to ensure nobody outstays their welcome. If a user is not already on nFilesync, you can invite them as a guest to work within a shared folder and receive notifications by email when a file is downloaded and/or modified by collaborators.

Prevent sensitive files from ever leaving your organisation by restricting their sharing rights to those with specified or corporate email addresses, automatically prohibiting the sharing of the file with any other party. Provide your users with secure access to your files from any device, without the files ever leaving our secure data centre.

The nFileSync platform is available in a white label option, which can be branded to your company, so you can include a logo and customise e-mail messages sent to and from the system, removing all Nasstar and nFileSync branding completely, making the platform your own.

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