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Total Information Control

In this age of cyber security attacks, data breaches and heightened awareness of information security issues, businesses of every size, in every industry, both regulated and non-regulated around the world are recognising the critical value of secure messaging. The loss of company data, whether accidental or intentional, poses a real threat to the bottom line of every business, as well as your valuable business reputation, something to be protected at all costs.

Nasstar's nCrypt secure email encryption platform, delivered in partnership with Cirius, encompasses far more than just email content protection, its a core information management and communications tool that prevents data loss, enables secure large file transfer and secures mobile messaging on any mobile device, laptop or desktop computer running any operating system.

Businesses that adopt secure messaging are not only securing the flow of the information out of their business, but also giving themselves a competitive edge by building more secure relationships with their customers and prospects, increasing your overall security posture and establishing a reputation of trust.

Simple & Secure Communications

nCrypt enables businesses to securely and easily send, receive and track email communications with co-workers, customers, prospects and other businesses. Users are able to securely communicate using any device, including smart phones and tablets.

nCrypt is a cloud based solution with no hardware to install and requires no outside IT expertise to implement. nCrypt integrates rapidly into existing email infrastructure including Exchange, Office 365, Gmail and other standard email platforms.

nCrypt prevents the accidental sending of information that should not be shared. nCrypt’s “intelligent scanning” feature automatically detects and protects sensitive information without interrupting the regular email flow.

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