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IT For A Sector That Never Sleeps

Nasstar's media team has been operating in the fast paced media sector for over a decade, helping media and design agencies like 101 London, 18 Feet and Ad2One maintain their competitive edge in a rapidly changing media landscape. We show media agencies how to involve their customers in the creative process and leverage technology in a way that sets them apart from their competitors and stay ahead of changes in consumer behaviour.

Our media sector team are experts in the implementation of data management strategies, designed to help you manage the increasingly large amounts of data your business generates, including data enhancement, hygiene and delivery solutions. We can help you leverage big data to become more efficient, more effective and more focused on what's important in your business, focused on customer retention, revenue generation and analytics.

Because we have operated in the media sector for so long, we understand that media never sleeps and through our customer support centres in the UK and New Zealand, we provide our customers with access to approachable and qualified technical support 24/7. Not only are we Apple Mac literate, meaning we can technically support your Mac users, but we can also help you integrate your Mac environment into a manageable IT infrastructure.

IT And Cloud Focused On Media

We pride ourselves on our service level excellence and our state-of-the-art data centres delivering 99%+ uptime, in-built disaster recovery and data back-up as standard. You can rely on our cloud hosted services to always be available, and ready when you need them to be.

Our specialist Apple Mac team are deeply experienced at supporting both legacy OS X applications and operating systems as well as the latest macOS platform. Furthermore, we are very skilled at taming rogue Mac environments into manageable IT infrastructures that save you money.

We understand that modern media waits or no man (or woman) and because of this, we are always awake and always ready to technically support your users 24/7/365 from our customer support centres in the UK and New Zealand, awake when you need us to be.

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