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Managed Private Business Networks

For most businesses, the internet and the underlying network that provides their internet connectivity is the life blood of their operation and they are completely reliant on that network connection. Yet when it comes to choosing their network provider, most businesses just subscribe to the business internet package provided to them by their local internet service provider. Do not be like most businesses, instead join us in demanding a better class of internet and benefit from private, more intelligent network connections that can distinguish between different kinds of data and prioritise the most important traffic.

Your networks are monitored 24/7, meaning that we notice any problems before you do, ensuring that they are properly investigated and resolved as soon as possible, thus minimising any potentially negative business impact from network related issues.

Businesses that manage their own networks know too well just how much time network administration can consume, Nasstar can save you an awful lot of money by freeing you up from the IT housekeeping that is network management and support. Let us manage your networks back end so that you can focus on adding value on the front end, with a single point of contact for support issues.

Complete Control Over Your Network Traffic

Through our partnerships with Tier-1 communications wholesalers, we provide superb levels of connectivity, uptime and greater network redundancy in our managed networks that go above and beyond what a regular ISP can provide. Our customers rely on us to deliver mission critical dependability and business continuity in their networking.

We specialise in building business grade networks that are configured based upon the customers unique requirements and the type of traffic flowing through the network. Our decade long investment into our network engineering team ensures our networks are secure, highly configurable and constantly evolving to meet your changing needs

Our managed networks are an extension of our hosted services and allow us to provide a more granular level of support across our entire service offering. With one point of contact for all of your technical support issues, there will be no more buck passing third parties when network/software/hardware problems arise.

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