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Market Cap

Share Capital

Issued share capital

574,262,743 Ordinary Shares of 1p

Director holdings
Lord Daresbury (Peter), Chairman: 4,788,562 » (0.83%)
Nigel Redwood, CEO: 10,475,430† (1.82%)
Niki Redwood, Finance Director: 10,485,393‡ (1.83%)
Nick Bate, Non-executive Director: 750,000 (0.13%)

» includes 3,837,857 shares managed by Jupiter Asset Management Limited registered in the name of Nortrust Nominees Limited.

† includes 571,459 shares held in trust for the benefit of Nigel Redwood's minor daughter

‡ includes 1,714,378 shares held in trust for the benefit of Niki Redwood's minor children.

Other significant shareholders
Kestrel Partners LLP: 132,380,259 (23.05%)
Canaccord Genuity Group Inc: 62,978,191 (10.97%)
Liontrust Asset Management LLP: 36,424,516 (6.29%)
River and Mercantile: 31,500,000 (5.49%)
Close Asset Managements: 29,541,019 (5.14%)
Octopus Investments Nominees Limited: 27,117,812 (4.72%)
Livingbridge VC LLP: 17,500,000 (4.55%)
Oryx International Growth Fund Management: 25,000,000 (4.45%)
Herald Investment Management: 17,707,320 (3.08%)
Edward Armitage: 17,333,334 (3.02%)
NVM Private Equity LLP: 11,820,000 (2.04%)
David Redwood: 10,963,764 (1.91%)

Share options Options have been granted over 33,967,960 shares under the Company's share option scheme.

Details of any restrictions on the transfer of shares There are no restrictions on the transfer of shares.

Shares held in treasury There are no shares held in treasury.

Public holding The % of the Company's AIM securities not held in public hands is 49.08%.

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